DFWAfter5 was created by long-time DFW resident, Carolyn Clark. Carolyn has been hosting business networking events, happy hours and luncheons for people in and around the mortgage, credit, lending and real estate businesses for over a decade. RoanokeAfter5 has been a hit for many years, and she has now expanded to all types of businesses for her networking events in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. Even with all the advancements in technology and connecting online, face-to-face networking is still vital to anyone who wants to grow a business. At the events, it’s not about making sales. It’s about meeting and getting to know people. People only do business with people they like and trust. The only way to build that trust is through time and knowledge about each other.  If it’s fun to do in the meantime, then that’s even better!” – Carolyn Clark

Carrie Whatley started her career with Hidden Door Med Spa almost 7 years ago and has such a passion for this family owned business. She thoroughly enjoyed bringing awareness and growing the company by holding networking events and utilizing social media daily. When she began this journey she had no public speaking/marketing experience and was concerned of what the future held. Carrie is a shining example of how success can be gained by facing one’s fears and tenaciously pursuing excellence! “It’s been such an incredible road and I absolutely love bringing people together. Along the way I have most definitely conquered my fear of speaking to a crowd and have made so many FUNtastic friends along the way. I’m so unbelievably thankful for the opportunity I was given so many years ago to work for Hidden Door. SO, LET’S NETWORK!” – Carrie Whatley

Who’s invited?

Business owners and professionals of all kinds. If you carry a professionally printed business card, you are invited! If you live or work in the immediate area of any of our DFW events, you are invited! The following are especially welcome: Realtors, Lenders, Title Attorney Reps, Home Builders, Insurance, Financial Planners, Home Services such as Alarm/Security companies, Landscapers, Electricians, HVAC Pros, Plumbers, Roofers, Pest Control, Handyman Companies. Also Beauty, Travel, Health, Fitness, Wellness and Medical Pros. (No Multi-Level Marketers, please!) Events are held quarterly in Roanoke, Texas, and at a variety of locations in and around the Dallas Fort Worth area throughout the year. You can expect free admission, a complimentary adult drink ticket when events are sponsored, complimentary or specialty pricing on appetizers, door prizes, and a great mix of business networking and fun. Join us at DFWAfter5!

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